Vision Lab: Scaling Chances

Supporting migrant tech entrepreneurs at earliest stage


Every year people are forced to leave their home countries. They leave everything behind and come to Europe in the hope of building a better and more secure life for themselves and their families. Many bring with them not only their talent and experience, but also their passion, courage and resilience.


Silicon Valley is proof that migration can lead to great economic opportunities. Almost half of all start-ups in the Bay Area were founded by migrants or their children. In Germany, approximately one in five startup founders have a migration background.


Unfortunately,  various obstacles such as weak networks or bureaucratic hurdles too often prevent great ideas from growing into successful businesses. “Tomorrow belongs to the daring” is one of our core beliefs here at Earlybird and we feel that courage, entrepreneurial spirit, and good ideas deserve to be nurtured.


This is why we have created the ‘Vision Lab, a six-month program comprised of three modules, ranging from dedicated workshops and networking events to mentoring programs and financing opportunities. We support the teams with the most promising ideas throughout the program with constant advice and feedback to help turn their business ideas into reality. Our world-class partner network helps the founders to pick the most experienced minds for each of their challenges, often starting with an idea, working through the acceleration phase and concluding in the initial product release.


The Vision Lab aims at providing participants with the entrepreneurial skills needed to create new opportunities for themselves, their families and our society. If you would like to support the Vision Lab or contribute as a mentor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Module 1: Workshops with experts & networking events

In dedicated workshops, founders can learn about a wide range of different topics like design thinking, German bureaucracy, basics of a successful advertising campaign or product development. We will regularly host networking events for all founders of Vision Lab and bring them together with curious and helpful people in the venture capital scene.


Module 2: Mentoring

The founders or founding teams are supported by mentors in monthly sessions and regular individual touchpoints. Mentors can be experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists or industry experts not only supporting the development of the team and their business but also connecting it to relevant people within their network.


Module 3: Funding

We will support the teams with pre-seed funding of up to €25,000. Payments will be done in three tranches depending on milestones set in the individual project. Earlybird provides the resources on a pro bono basis and we neither take a management fee nor a carried interest for our work.



  • You are a founding team, at least one of you is first-generation migrants in Germany  and one co-founder has a tech background
  • You are currently based in Germany
  • You have a business idea that you, firstly, already started to work on or at least thoroughly analyzed, and secondly, your business model is strongly related to software or hardware technologies and thirdly, your business model has the potential to scale in Germany and beyond
  • You show serious motivation to build your own company and want to commit to it full-time
  • You speak English or/and German fluently and you are keen to work in a team
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to learn and always strive for excellence
  • Are you interested? Please send us a letter of motivation or a pitch deck by e-mail to