Vision Lab: Scaling Chances

Early-stage support for tech entrepreneurs of migrant backgrounds


Vision Lab: Incubator and Impact Fund 

  • Silicon Valley and its impressive founder stories are proof that a diverse tech ecosystem is a massive innovative force and a crucial economic factor: Almost half of all startups in the Bay Area were founded by migrants or their children.
  • In Germany, structural or bureaucratic barriers too often prevent people with a migration background from growing their great ideas into successful businesses. This not only perpetuates social inequality for individuals but also means society misses out on innovative and economic opportunities as a whole.
  • As a long-standing tech investor, we felt we have the capabilities and the obligation to change this for the better. Therefore, we initiated a pro bono Incubator and Impact Fund called “Vision Lab”. We joined forces with fantastic partners such as Bain & Co., Egon Zehnder, and Handelsblatt to unleash this potential – for individuals with a migration background, for the ingenuity of our society, and for investors believing in the superiority of a diverse ecosystem.
  • The Vision Lab is set up as a six-month program comprised of workshops, networking events, and mentoring – and also provides funding for entrepreneurial ideas from migrant founders.
  • In January 2021, we welcomed the first cohort of 8 startups from 11 different nationalities. In June 2023, we welcomed the fourth cohort. In January 2024, we kicked off the fifth cohort– with 12 teams representing at least 17 countries.

If you would like to support our mission with Vision Lab, please get in touch with us.

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Pillar 1: Workshops with experts & networking events

In dedicated workshops, founders explore a wide range of topics such as design thinking, guidance through German bureaucracy, basics of advertising or even product development. Additionally, we will regularly host networking events with people from the VC & startup ecosystem. 


Pillar 2: Mentoring

Participating teams are supported by mentors in monthly group sessions and one-on-one touch points. Mentors include experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists or industry experts. 


Pillar 3: Funding

We will support the teams with pre-seed funding of €25,000 in the form of a convertible loan.



Are you a highly motivated founding team dedicated to making a difference in your industry and successfully translate your business idea into reality? Great – it’s a match. Please keep in mind that at least one (co-)founder must be a migrant to Germany.

We are looking for startup teams with ideas that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Start ups must be based in Germany 
  • Addressing multi-€ billion markets with plenty of room for innovation
  • Strong entrepreneurial and management personalities
  • Distinctive MVP with a clear USP, a high degree of defensibility and a convincing product roadmap going forward
  • First indication of product-market-fit – at least a strong interest from customers and a promising sales pipeline
  • A healthy business model and a clear understanding of pricing dynamics

Are you interested? Please send us an email stating your motivation and your pitch deck to



  • For program partners: We are open to new program partners who want to support our up-and-coming tech talents on their entrepreneurial journey with workshops, deep dives or mentoring. We would look forward to welcoming you and jointly bringing the Vision Lab to the next level.
  • For impact investors: If you are an investor seeking meaningful returns and committed to an open and vibrant ecosystem where, regardless of background, everyone has a fair chance to translate ideas into successful and impactful business models, please get in touch with Vision Lab Partner, Ben Wilkening.